Innowireless announced commercial agreement with Qualcomm for 5G Small Cell to launch by 1st half of 2021

Innowireless brings out 28㎓ Small Cell to the market and expected to be launch soon

5G Small Cell will be commercially ready from 2021

On 27th, Innowireless (Qucell Networks, a subsidiary of Innowireless) is officially announced that it has signed a 5G Small Cell contract for 5G RAN platform (FSM100xx) with Qualcomm Technology.

Qualcomm’s 5G RAN platform is comprehensive modem-RF system solution to support 5G-NR physical layers. For last few years, Small Cells are drawing attention as a key solution to overcome 5G coverage limitation. Small Cell is a ‘Small Base Station’ that improves indoor network coverage and its quality by reducing traffic overload in congested area.

Innowireless set the target to pre-occupy the Small Cell market with Qualcomm 5G RAN platform by 1st half of 2021 and focus on development of both Sub-6 and mmWave (28㎓).

Innowireless is planning to expand their market growth from Korean operators to enter the 5G Small Cell market. They will also participate in government project called ‘5G Digital New Deal Policy’ in Korea.

Mr. Kwak, CEO of Innowireless said “This software license agreement will encourage both Qualcomm and Innowireless to move forward with high-end technology”, “Innowireless will accelerate the growth of its reputation by adding another product on 5G solution line-up”

Mr. Kwon, CEO of Qualcomm Korea said “This will be the first step for Innowireless to amplify the 5G Small Cell commercialization locally”, “We are looking forward to have diversity of use cases starting with Sub-6 Small Cell as well as 28㎓ mmWave”.