Innowireless/Qucell supplies TD-LTE small cell to Fujitsu

Innowireless Co., ltd, a worldwide leader in LTE smallcell vendor, “branded with Qucell” proud to announce during MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, successfully supplied TD-LTE small cell solution based on Qualcomm chipset as OEM to Fujitsu, a leading provider of business, information technology, and communications solutions.


In recent mobile market, the explosion of data traffic used by day to day smartphone users caused by availability of various interesting multi-media data contents and tremendous increase in indoor usage.  To keep up this huge increase in data demand especially for indoor coverage, Innowireless provides innovative and seamless LTE small cell solutions to offloading data traffic from near by macro stations and tremendous increase data throughput at reduced cost for the better user experience.


Innowireless have been subsequently provided number of LTE small cell solutions as OEM to other first tier operators in Enterprise, Outdoor and residential market since year 2013.  For Fujitsu, Innowireless provided the Residential product to address full bar signal indoor coverage and much faster data throughput even at the hard to reach inside coverage area with easy plug-and-play installation.


Innowireless successfully implemented and commercially deployed TD-LTE(Time-Division) LTE Small Cells which becoming very important in USA, Japan, India and East-Asia in which efficiently managing download and upload through Time Division method to increate frequency resource efficiency.  Innowireless continue to innovate to provide the comprehensive end to end LTE small cells solutions with own product lines, TD-LTE and FD-LTE Small Cells, SON and OA&M system.


“Innowireless successfully launched commercial deployment via plug-and-play TD-LTE small cell in Southeast Asia, and succeeded in supplying to Japan through Fujitsu. Which is to establish a positive basis to position as a powerful global company”, said JongTae Chung, president of Innowireless. “Innowireless will strive to accelerate the growth in small cell business continue though MWC 2017 as an opportunity to secure additional customers.”, he added.


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