Qucell Networks announces collaboration with BB Backbone Corporation’s (BBB) sXGP partnership program

Innowireless, which professionally develops and supplies wireless communication tests, measurement equipment and small cell solutions, announces its collaboration with BB Backbone Corporation’s (BBB) sXGP partnership program as a small cell system core partner for commercialization of sXGP services in Japan through Accuver Japan, a subsidiary of Innowireless.

sXGP (shared eXtended Global Platform) is a technology developed for the purposes of reducing the cost of telecommunication services and improving the stability of wireless telecommunication services. The sXGP uses a 1.9GHz unlicensed band. The band has been used for the legacy digital cordless systems, such as PHS and DECT with private branch exchange (PBX) solutions. The sXGP is a new technology that combines the intuitiveness and simplicity of the private wireless communication method with the diversity of LTE technology by incorporating the TD-LTE method into the band.

Plans are underway for the early commercialization and expansion of BBB’s sXGP Partnership Program, which includes PBX, EPC, End-User Device and Small Cell, in 2018. Participation in this partnership, especially during this period of transition to the 5G market, will greatly contribute to the creation of new business opportunities for Innowireless through the efficient use of unlicensed frequency bands.

Innowireless will supply the Small Cell product developed by its subsidiary company, Qucell Networks, to the sXGP partner companies to ensure the successful commercialization of sXGP services through this partnership program. Qucell Networks is already working closely with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to develop the LBT (Listen Before Talk) algorithm in the sXGP band.

Qucell Networks was spun off from Innowireless in June 2017 for purpose of enhancing the differentiation and competitiveness of the Small Cell business field. The performance and quality of Qucell Networks’ TDD and FDD Small Cells and solutions have already been established in both the domestic and global markets.

Innowireless will continue to contribute to the improvement of LTE communication service quality through the utilization of unlicensed frequency bands and will further strengthen its global presence by preempting the opening of the new Small Cell market with its small cell products.

Original Article of Electronic Times Internet (Korean)