Qucell Networks,. Inc. Demonstrates the world’s first TD-LTE small cell that supports 2 CA and 256 QAM simultaneously

Qucell Networks,. Inc. demonstrates the world’s first TD-LTE small cell that supports 2 CA and 256 QAM simultaneously

– CBRS Alliance Annual Meeting(San-Diego, USA)


Qucell Networks Inc., a small cell and related solution company, succeeded in demonstrating TD-LTE small cell supporting 2 CA (Carrier Aggregation) technology and 256 QAM for the first time in the world


The TD-LTE Small Cell, which supports both CA and 256 QAM at Qucell Networks Inc., was unveiled at a demonstration jointly held with Qualcomm at the CBRS Alliance Meeting held from August 1st in San Diego, USA. As a result, Networks succeeded in demonstrating the 256 QAM transmission method following TD-LTE 2 CA technology for the first time in the world, leading to a favorable position in the relevant market.


In particular, the CBRS Alliance announced that leading global telecommunication market leaders such as AT & T, Verizon, Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia and Qualcomm, which are actively utilizing the 3.5GHz frequency to solve 4G LTE frequency shortage problem and next generation 5G frequency acquisition, is expected to play an important role in the future change of 4G LTE market and the flow of 5G market.


Small Cell, which was introduced at this meeting by Qucell Networks Inc., announced that by combining two 20MHz frequency bands with CA technology, the data processing speed is improved from the existing single band 113Mbps to 226Mbps, It is a breakthrough product that succeeded in achieving downlink speed of 293Mbps through 256 QAM method which improved performance by about 30% compared to existing 64 QAM by improving demodulation method QAM.


Qucell Networks Inc. has been able to provide customers with effective off-loading of data traffic and efficiency of frequency resource management through the improved small cell employing 2 CA technology and 256 QAM. By using Qualcomm chipset, By presenting this outstanding small cell to a variety of global operators, we plan to actively explore new and potential customers to accelerate the growth of the company.


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