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KT & Qucell Outdoor Small Cell Commercial Deployment in Rural Area with Various Backhaul Solutions

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KT has been aggressively establishing advanced mobile network across the country in Korea.
KT has also introduced small cells to provide LTE coverage to shadow areas and enhance its quality of service.
KT has deployed about 20,000 units of commercial LTE enterprise small cells until year 2013 for indoor coverage and traffic offload mainly in metropolitan area.
KT has also launched and deployed thousands of LTE residential and outdoor small cells in 2014.
Qucell, a major partner of KT for small cell products, has been working together with KT by providing its LTE small cell products, HeNB management system, and field-support for network stabilization and enhancement.

Normally, LTE small cell solution is considered to be limited for indoor use only (e.g. Enterprise and Residential).
KT, however, has broken the mold and started the deployment of LTE outdoor small cells since 2014 together with Qucell.
KT deployed LTE outdoor small cells for mainly rural area to achieve nation-wide full coverage of LTE service with 20W transmit power for “Hard-to-reach” areas.
Also, by integrating with various backhaul solutions, LTE outdoor small cell solution is proven to be the best answer for isolated areas (e.g. Mountain regions, Islands, Sea, where Macro base station cannot be easily built.)
Throughout the continued effort and persistent development of KT and Qucell together, critical features of LTE outdoor small cells for rural area, such as receive sensitivity, parameter optimization for maximum coverage, DPD(digital pre-distortion)/CFR(crust factor reduction) were successfully developed and integrated with Qucell’s LTE small cell platform.

In the course of this development, KT has improved effective coverage by maximum 15dB and this improvement was successfully proven through the field test.
Thus, KT’s outdoor small cell can provide comparable coverage to macro base station.

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